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Shane 'the Doctor' Faber

Shane "the Doctor" Faber is the GOLD and PLATINUM award winning Producer, Mixer and Recording Engineer behind JeepJazz Music. The BIO and DISCOGRAPHY pages can provide you with more details. JeepJazz is related to hiphop and acid jazz, it's crusty and it's melodic, it's about big beats and a smooth vibe. It has been featured on numerous TV dramas, Talk shows, Sports programs and Films in countries all over the world. You can check out the tracks here and purchase the CDs.

The Making of the JeepJazz LP outlines how the first record was written and recorded as well as some of the production and MIDI techniques that were used. It might give you some ideas on new ways to get the sounds you're after. SOUND DOCTOR is the studio where all the doctor's projects wind up at some point. It lists all the gear currently in use and some nifty pictures of the secret sonic bunker. 

Go to the COMPANY STORE to hear selections from all the JeepJazz CDs and place your orders. 
        "Digital Flavor On The Sonic Frontier" 
            "More Melodic Debris" 
                        and "Signal 2 Dust Ratio"   

The Production Reel features independent music productions recorded and mixed by Shane 'the doctor' Faber. Flavor is what it's all about. I'm just trying to expand the sonic possibilities by combining what I've learned making hiphop records with my more formal musical education. No genre is safe! 

ASK THE DOCTOR was something I started back in 1996 to field questions about recording techniques from users on the internet. There are lot of questions about how to record specific instruments and vocals as well as hardware related issues. You can browse through these for a little digital history lesson... although the gear has changed the process is the same! It's a great resource for those of you just getting started. 

There's also a free RECORDING HANDBOOK available here for the recording novice. I wrote this How-To handbook in 1995 on one of the first IBM laptops. It had 16 MB of RAM and weighed 9 pounds... what a beast. It doesn't matter if you're recording on a cassette 4-track or using ProTools and a computer, you still have to get the sound you're hearing into the "devices" and playing back a reasonable facsimile thereof! There's valuable information in here, especially for recording beginners. 

"Internet History" Department:
I first got online on Delphi and P.A.N. (Performing Artists Network) in 1984 with a 1200 baud modem and a Commodore C-64. It was a great resource and helped me promote and distribute my band's (Bad Sneakers) music. After a couple of years I drifted offline, but I kept up my subscription because, in my own small way, I wanted to support the network and the concept of independent access to music industry information. Meanwhile in the midst of the other great "revolution of access", I was learning MIDI and music-making in the New York HipHop world.

HipHop was invented by urban, inner city kids with no formal music training. It evolved along with the explosion of inexpensive samplers and MIDI sequencers which began to appear in the mid 1980's and as it turned out, it was perfectly suited to exploit these new devices. It  became the dominant influence on music-making and popular music in the 1990's and now it is pop culture. Not unlike what rock n' roll was to the 1960's; it's loud and obnoxious, kids love it and parents hate it. At it's most basic level, you don't even have to sing or play an instrument and the wide spread use of pitch correction devices can attest to that!  

Now we're in the new millennium and there are all kinds of new  possibilities and opportunities to make and promote your music. The quality and capabilities of the recording equipment you can purchase inexpensively today is ridiculous. My current recording toy is the TASCAM 2488neo, $600.00! It is crazy how much you can do using just this box. I'm doing a lot of writing these days and it really fits the bill. 

Long story short, the doctor is back. 

Shoot me an email with your questions and I'll give you a second opinion... or a third!

Music or Media, you make the call.   




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